Barndominiums / Metal Frame

Many times, Texas living calls for functionality while compromising luxury; not anymore. Since the introduction of the popular Barndominium you can have the best of both worlds! Barndominiums are a great way to save money by combining two buildings together; part luxury living space and part functional shop or workspace.
More and more people are turning toward this desirable metal frame housing due to the many benefits and customizable options. Rokyta Custom Homes works with you to create original and innovative floorplans designed to suite your unique needs and desires, thus giving you the option to build your barndominium as simple or as elegant as you desire.

Benefits include:

  • More cost effective - Construction costs can be considerably less than a conventional home
  • Faster build time - Construction time is typically shorter than conventional homes
  • Energy Efficient
  • Very Low Maintenance
  • Insurance is typically less because fire hazard is reduced
  • Fire and pest resistant